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LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses

Chris Vertullo

30 September 2021

Message: Hi

I bought some of your glasses last Sat at Airlie Markets for my 3 sons.

We wanted to buy some more -4 pairs- my wife loved them, and the lenses are better than my polarised Ray Bans.

Back in Airlie tomorrow after 10am and leave for airport after midday. Any chance of buying some Friday in Airlie? Thanks Chris 

Izzy Bishell recommends LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses.

30 October 2021 ·

We saw these guys at a market, and they were beyond lovely! The product is great, and the care info given is spot on. Would highly recommend these sunnies!

Debbie Abreu Woods recommends LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses.

4 March 2021 ·

These glasses are excellent quality for an unbelievable price. I love them!! Couldn't choose, so bought 2 pairs  

Lilly St Michael recommends LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses.

6 August 2020 ·

Best sunglasses! I bought my first pair 3 years ago in the markets at Airlie beach, recently ordered another 3! Great glasses and great quality!!

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Annabel Coups recommends LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses.

1 March at 13:34 ·

Came across Ron in Airlie beach today on a little market stall and he couldn’t have been more friendly! Gave us some great tips on the local area too, an all round genuinely nice dude selling a great product. Bought myself and my boyfriend a pair so we got them at a great price especially as they are polarised lenses. What a legend! Love our sunnies thank you so much.

Ray Gallardo recommends LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses.

5 February at 21:54 ·

LOVE the sunglasses 😎..

I am getting me a second pair

Sharyn Opal Reen recommends LYWB Wooden Polarised Sunglasses.

16 December 2019 ·

They're just outright awesome!

22 September

I bought a pair of sunglasses on a recent trip to Airlie Beach. They are the BEST sunglasses I have ever owned. I receive a lot of comments about them. Thanks for making such an amazing product

15 September

These guys go above and beyond. Pretty sure I was an annoying customer, but they helped me track down the sunnies I wanted. Top shelf service. Thoroughly recommend.

2 July ·

I have just done a 1000km road trip and I was again reminded of how great these sunglasses are and that I must post a review.

The real test of a great pair of sunnies is a long haul trip. These wooden sunglasses are so light you don't even know that you have them on even after 10 hours!! They are certainly the most comfortable I have ever worn and I recommend them to anyone, but particularly those that wear sunnies for many hours.

16 May ·

Great product, Super quality, fantastic fit. Delivered internationally no problem.

1 April ·

I ♥️ my LYWB sunnies. So light and comfortable to wear and I couldn't fault Ron's service when I needed to replace my lenses. Definitely the best value for money sunglass I've bought!

1 March ·

Purchased a pair when on holiday's at Airlie Beach a few years ago for my fiance....

He has worn many different branded sunnies over the years, but the LYWB are the best and very comfortable and would swear by these

These are the best sunglasses that fit on my face, not tight at all.. they are light and very comfortable. ..

These are great when out on the water / work outside all day, as they are polarised. I would highly recommend.

17 February ·

I am so surprised and super happy with my LYWB Wooden Sunglasses, these have replaced my Maui Jim's and at a fraction of the price and are as good, if not better.

Highly recommend these sunnies, clear, Polarized and extremely comfy.

18 January ·

Best ever sunnies - love them! Great online service as well.


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